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4 reasons why you have to try Natural Bliss Coffee (Content Task) / Students-generated content

Nestlé has managed to surprise the receiver with his campaign “All Natural”, as well as achieve a strong virality. It is a set of videos in which the waiters of a cafeteria serve coffee with their naked painted bodies, in order to evoke nature.

 1. Improves health and well-being

 Nestlé, as the first global food company and through its extensive powers in Research and Development, responds from its beginnings to the expectations of the consumer, not only in terms of sensory characteristics, pleasure, Quality and safety of food, but also nutrition.

All their products are made of natural material since their commitment is to simplify the ingredients and eliminate artificial colours.

They are convinced that in some diseases, such as diabetes or gastrointestinal problems, in the first stage foods play a fundamental role and even greater than drugs, which have a greater weight in more advanced stages, and that is where they want to Enter them with the development of specific foods that help improve the health of people in various conditions.

  • Their products do not have hormones.
  • Nestle process its products with No GMO ingredients.
  • They have reduced so far:
    • 20% salt in our culinary products.
    • 30% salt in the range of fried tomato sauces.
    • Between 14% and 31% total sugars in the range of breakfast cereals.
  • They promote the launch of products:
    • With reduced salt and sugar content.
    • With 0% salt added.
    • With 0% added sugars

2. You can choose between several flavours

 They have some different fflavoursto give your coffee a better taste with low calories, some of them are: chocolate, almond, vanilla, coconut, honey, caramel, sweet cream, cinnamon etc.

This 2018 Nestlé took to the market two new flavours, Natural Bliss Honey Cream and Natural Bliss Honey Pecan.

Also, they have some featured products like: Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, Tahitian Vanilla and Himalayan Salted Caramel.

All of them are natural and made with:       

  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Sugar

Source of image: https://www.nestle-contigo.cl/nutricion/mas-nutricion/beneficios-leche

3. Has the total of its raw materials in a sustainable way

The environment each day receives more the idea of the “tendency to the natural” where the natural is healthier, richer and better.

It is known that Unilever is working on a sustainable life plan campaign that began in 2010 and that aims for 2020, to help more than one billion people to take measures to improve their health and well-being, obtain the total of their agricultural raw materials in a sustainable manner and halving the environmental impact of their products.

The next campaign of Natural Bliss Café is a Advertising and Marketing campaign that achieved the expected virality. It is a risky, innovative and “natural” campaign. Nestlé promotes the Natural Bliss Café; As the name says, coffee is natural. The natural thing that this campaign has apart from the product is that the waiters who serve the coffee are actors dressed only in paint on their bodies generating the surprise of the customers who entered the cafeteria.

“It is an amazing and totally new idea for us. We know that consumers want something natural in their drink and, what better way to do it talking about it with a little impact? “(Codie Richards, marketing director of Nestlé).

The waiters were not the only ones dressed in the natural, you could also see customers who were also actors dressed in paint. “All Natural” was mixed between clients and workers.

4. It has reduced the environmental impact of the products by half

 Nestlé, as a social agent, is obliged to demonstrate responsible behavior towards the environment, as a basis to approach business from the perspective of Creation of Shared Value. The company’s own future is linked to the future of the planet and depends on the ability to guarantee agriculture and food security.

In the case of Nestlé, following its corporate social responsibility policy, the effort to reduce the environmental impact has been constant in recent years, since indicators of water and energy use per ton of manufactured product show a favorable evolution, creating thus value for society (for the preservation of natural resources) and for the company (for the reduction of costs).

Source of image: http://www.brandprwire.com/blog/annual-report-2012-infographic/

The company, through this initiative, aims to promote a joint vision of the entire value chain of the production of processed foods, in order to minimize the resources necessary to produce, transport, produce, store and distribute their products. Optimizing the set of operations, and not each one of the links or processes separately, is Nestlé’s great challenge.

 What are you waiting for to try the irresistible Natural Bliss Café?





The content was generated by students: Laia Valverde, Elena Domingo, Cristina Fernández, Iria Rael and Marta Tejada.