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CM / Content Curation Task

Content Curation Task

Final Task of Content Marketing Subject


STEP 1  – Create Groups of 4-5 students.

Use the Facebook group to find members for your group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/179792445942272/

STEP 2 – Choose a topic and create an Article.

  • The topic should be related to the course “Content Marketing”
  • Create article based on the following rules:

1) Unique title (explain 1-2 sentences why it is attractive – you can use materials in course slides)

2) The text content of the article should be Aggregated or Curated content:

If Aggregated Content If Curated Content
  • min 250 words max 1000 words
  • aggregated content from min 3 different sources
  • including text formatting (only bold, italic, do not use colours)
  • you can use headings
  • min 250 words max 1000 words
  • including personal opinion (min 200 words)
  • including text formatting (only bold, italic, do not use colours)

3) The article should include one more content type which is not text (for example, video, infographic, case study to download, etc.)*

*Send extra content type (for example .jpg file) separate from .doc document. Or include a link to original source.

4) The article should include – Call to action

5) The article should include minimum 3 references (sources).

STEP 3 – Send Article to Campus Virtual (CV)

You should upload your finished article to the Assignment “Final Task” in CV until 08/03 23:59*

*No Assignments will be accepted after the deadline under no circumstances

  • Article in format .doc (see example Appendix 1)
  • Add in the comment to assignment names of ALL group members.

STEP 4 – Wait for a link.

In the comment to an assignment in CV, I will send the link to your post published online. Until  11/03

STEP 5 – “Share Article” as the post  in the Facebook group  

STEP 6 – Get likes, shares and comments on your post.

Evaluation Process:

2-3 days – to get likes, shares and comments

  • Post with max Likes, Repost and Comments will get
    • 1st +5 points,
    • 2nd +3 points,
    • 3rd +2 points to the Final Grade.
  • Each reasonable comment will value +0.5 points.

15/03 – Results

See article format Example here>>>  (Appendix 1)