Dr. Vera Petrovna Butkouskaya




As speaker:

  • 2023 XXIV International Marketing Congress AEMARK2023, 6-8 September, Madrid, Spain Participation Certificate
  • 2023 XII International Conference on University Teaching and Innovation CIDUI2023, Lleida, Spain Participation Certificate
  • 2023 Global Marketing Conference GMC2023, July, Seoul, South Korea Participation Certificate
  • 2023 AMA Winter Academic Conference, 10-12 February, Nashville, USA Participation Certificate
  • 2022 13th Regional Conference EMAC2022, Kaunas, Lithuania Participation Certificate
  • 2022 33 Congreso Internacional de Marketing AEMARK2022, September, Valencia, Spain Participation Certificate
  • 2022 40th International EBES conference, July, Istambul, Turkey Participation Certificate
  • 2022 BALAS22 International Conference, June, Lisbon, Portugal Participation Certificate
  • 2021 4th EIBA Annual International Conference, 10-12 December, Madrid, Spain Participation Certificate
  • 2021 XXXII Congreso Internacional de Marketing AEMARK2021, Baeza, Spain – Participation Certificate
  • 2018 XXX Congreso de Marketing AEMARK2018, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2017 22nd International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications CMC2017, Zaragoza, Spain
  • 2016 XXVIII Congreso de Marketing AEMARK2016, Leon, Spain
  • 2015 XXVII Congreso de Marketing AEMARK2015, Pamplona, Spain
  • 2013 E-commerce Conference eTrade, Minsk, April
  • 2009 IX International Interuniversity Scientific Conference “Research and development in the field of mechanical engineering, power, and control”, April, Gomel, Belarus
  • 2009 Participation in the International Scientific and Technical Conference “Materials,  Equipment and Resource-saving technologies in Mechanical engineering”, Minsk, April
  • 2009 IX International Student Scientific Conference “Effective management in business and society “, April 24, Minsk, Belarus
  • 2009 XVI International Conference of Students and Young Scientists “Lomonosov”, November, Moscow, Russia
  • 2009 X International scientific conference of students and undergraduates “Scientific search for the youth of the XXI century”, February, Gomel, Belarus
  • 2008 Conference “Modern Methods of Machinery”, December, Mogilev, Belarus
  • 2008 X International Conference ” Scientific Search Youth 1 century “, December, Gorki, Belarus
  • 2008 VIII International Intercollegiate students and graduate “Research and development in the field of Mechanical engineering, power engineering, and management”, April, Gomel, Belarus
  • 2008 International Conference “Materials, equipment and resource-saving technologies in mechanical engineering”, the section “Economics, organization and management of machine-building production”, May, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2008 XI scientific conference of students and graduate students ” New mathematical methods and computer technology in design, production and research “, April, Gomel, Belarus
  • 2007 International scientific-practical conference. “Problems of Economics, organization, and management of industrial enterprises,” Dedicated. 40th Anniversary of Department. “Economics and organization of production engineering “, February, Gomel, Belarus

As listener:

  • 2019 International Conference “Learning Innovation: Live Project, Creativity and New Approaches for a Changing Labour Market”, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2016 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2016 4YFN, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2016 JIPI, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2015 “Google Partners Belarus” – Minsk, April
  • 2010 Seo-conference “E-commerce” – Minsk, March
  • 2009 Yandex Conference on Internet Business – Moscow, Russian, June
  • 2008-2016 Conference “Business Internet” –  Minsk