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Five Content Marketing Tactics that will increase your sales / Students-generated content

As a business owner, sales are one of the most important things for the company, and we always have in mind how to increase them.
Sometimes there’s an amazing month, and also there’s other slow months too, making you feel nervous and worried about the sustainability of your business.

But there’s a way that can help you to assure incoming sales. How? With Content Marketing. According to Demand Metric, Content Marketing is more effective than outbound marketing and also it’s cheaper and efficient (costs 62% less and creates more than three times as many leads).

There are a five Content Marketing tactics that you can implement in your business and make the sales grow.

1. Make a content calendar for your target audience. If you know you’re a target, you can solve the problems much easier than if you don’t know them.
When you are developing the calendar you must answer this questions:

  • What do you want to show them?
  • Which content your audience is looking for?
  • Divide your target into three homogeny groups. Who are they, and what are the needs?

2. Make time for blogging. Start to blogging anywhere between one to four times per month, and then start to gradually grow your posts. 

Why blogging? Because you will generate more traffic to your social media and to your business. Companies that regularly post on their blog, are 13 time more likely to get positive ROI.

3. Reuse your content. 

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to create new content to post every month, and it can be frustrating. So you can divide your content in different pieces and make them more valuable.

For example, you can share a visual infographic content. Because once you have written content, you can use it for another creative opportunity, and turn this text into another type of content, like a video.

4. Be where your customers are, in the digitally meaning. Check where your customers are, search on social media networks, forums… The participation It’s important and you have to be part of it.    

Make sure that you’re doing a tracking and measurement of the efforts, to be more specific, you’re doing this to push the results with social media and then increase the sales of the company.

In order of that, you have to:

  • Identify your KPI’s.
  • Define your goals.

5. Promote your content with email. 

The ROI for every 1$ you spend on email marketing is 44$.
So as you can see, email marketing can help you to grow as a company and also you can save money using it.

That means that you’re can segment each persona in a homogenous group and give them the content they actually want to consume.

These five tactics will take time to optimize and make results. It’s crucial to implement testings and check what It’s working for your business.

Still, you having doubts? Check this video if you want to know more about how to drive sales with Content Marketing.


The importance of content creation is increasing. It is proven that the results of this technique are effective, fast and also allow us to achieve sales, build loyalty and bringing the customer to our business.

One of our team members has a business of their own, which is why we value the importance of this technique. In her business, in addition to being active in social networks, she has recently started generating interesting content related to her products on her blog. This action increased visits to the website, to generate confidence to users and convert visits to sales.

The best part of this technique is that it is free if you organize well and generate content of interest you can win many visits and get sales.

Another of the tactics of content creation that we consider is very important besides the blog are social networks. Today’s society is used to navigating most of the day through networks and to tolerate the publicity that they constantly emit. Being active in social networks, sharing your news, responding quickly to users and being an active part of their lives generates confidence, attracts potential new customers and generates sales.

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The content was generated by students: Emilia Bukaeva, Mariona Griera & Ester López