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HRM / Job design. Related Definitions.

Job design

job enlargement – The process of expanding a job’s duties.

job rotation – The process of rotating workers among different narrowly defined tasks without disrupting the flow of work.

job enrichment – The process of putting specialized tasks back together so that one person is responsible for producing a whole product or an entire service.

The Flexible Workforce

core workers An organization’s full-time employees.

contingent workers Workers hired to deal with temporary increases in an organization’s workload or to do work that is not part of its core set of capabilities.

job sharing A work arrangement in which two or more employees divide a job’s responsibilities, hours, and benefits among themselves.

Flexible Work Schedules

flexible work hours A work arrangement that gives employees control over the starting and ending times of their daily work schedules.

core time Time when all employees are expected to be at work. Part of a flexible work hours arrangement.

flextime Time during which employees can choose not to be at work. Part of a flexible work hours arrangement.

work–life balance. The balance between an individual’s work and personal life.


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  • Case: Improving Work–Life Balance with a Results-Only Work Environment Policy

Google ¨20% time¨

Google has been well known for its unique approach to innovation – from its open culture, its radical work environment in its Googleplex campus to its methods for innovation. This has enabled it to grow meteorically from its formation in 1998 to become a $62 billion turnover company by 2014. One of its best known innovation mechanisms was its policy of ‘20% time’ which allowed its engineers to spend 20% of their time on personal projects.

Google ‘20% time’ resulted in some of the company’s most successful products such as Gmail, AdSense and Google Talk, and…

CardBoard. The presentation of ideas was one of the Winners at Cannes Lions in 2015.


Workplace Flexibility

outsourcing (sometimes called subcontracting ) is the process by which employers transfer routine or peripheral work to another organization that specializes in that work and can perform it more efficiently.

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