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Class together with Professor Esa Posio, Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Main topic: Motivation and Benefits in Small and Big Tourism Hotels. Shared Experience from Spain and Finland. 

We are going to have a joint class with the students of Lapland university through a video conference. It is a new experience. But it will be a good opportunity to share opinions with the students of the university in Finland. Based on the class materials we will have a Case-based activity for both groups of students with some awards for the best results. 

Related Materials


Padlet with all the information:



Case study


30102017 HRM Motivation- Instructions 

An assignment that gives practical and theoretical answer to the question taking into consideration local environment and circumstances, Barcelona and Rovaniemi. The question is: 

  • How the employee motivation has to be taken into managements decision in HRM strategy in tourism in
    A) SME’s (Small and Medium sized) service provider companies, 
    B) Big National/International companies, for example hotels
  • Each group will make video as an answer and download it to the this area: (the link to Facebook group)

1.   Ready video, maximum length 3 minutes, done in local groups Barcelona & Rovaniemi by 13.11. and has to be downloaded to (the link ).

2.   After that every student has to comment at least one video from another University in the fellow group 1->1, 2->2, 3->3, etc:

  • Barcelona students comment Rovaniemi videos and Rovaniemi students comments Barcelona videos.
  •  Give feedback on the contents: theory and practical contents. The videos can be made in the best possible innovative way.
  • The comments has to be made by 19.11.

3.   The students vote for the best video by giving them likes=points in: (here will be added the link to the voting area) by 19.11.

  • The answer that gets most votes & points will receive glory at both  universities and gets special gift from Lapland! 
  • Also the videos can have a value of 0,25 credits in positive way in
    the final number of course when the teachers evaluate the course.
  • If you have any questions concerning the assignment, please write
    to the Padlet and teachers and other students can answer:

Voting and Evaluation

  • Case study will be done in groups (6-7 students in each group) – 8 groups in total
  • Each group prepare a video-answer to the Case study. 
  • Groups will have 2 weeks to prepare video and 1 week will be voting period. 
  • Each students participating in the evaluation will need to comment at least 1 video. 
  • Videos will be uploaded to a facebook group. 
  • Link to facebook group to upload videos. You can find it in Groups: Employee Motivation 20102017

Example How to present an Assignment


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