HRM Project – Part 1 – Idea


  • Aim: to choose the company/department for the Group Project (which may represent prospector or defender strategy) depending on the Group # assigned. Define the company’s strategic priority, strategic/target employee group and some basic HR policies reflecting the company’s strategy.


  • Professor in class assign group leaders and assign Group #
    • Leader is responsible to create groups with the required number of students 
  • Each group # will be related to one of two company’s strategies: Prospector or Defender. 
    • Follow the one which is related to your group #
  • Choose an existing company or a new one 


  • In groups (number of students defined) 
  • Following the required strategy Defender/Prospector
  • Format: 
    • in .pdf 
    • Max 2 pages
    • include 2-3 pictures, graphs and other media elements (for ex. infographics). 
  • Delivery: 
    • upload the task to CV individually (same document for each group member but include the names of all the group members) 
    • title example Group-your group number.pdf


GoogleProspectors emphasize growth and innovation, development of new products, and an eagerness to be the first in new-product or market areas, even if some of these efforts fail. The prospectors are more flexible and decentralized organizational structures, complex products (innovative), and unstable environments that change rapidly.

Defenders are conservative business units that prefer to maintain a secure position in relatively stable product or service areas instead of looking to expand into uncharted territory. Defenders tend to be highly formalized, emphasize cost control, and operate in a stable environment.


in purple  – evaluation questions for the final presentation

Follow the concept of the strategic role of HRM management 


  1. Company’s title.
  2. Company’s strategic priority. Brief description of the company’s purpose/mission.
  • What is the strategic priority of the company? 

3. Strategic Relevant employees. The main skills/ knowledges/ competences. 

    • What is the profile of the target employee which will fit with the company’s strategic priority?
    • Does the company have a lot of relevant talents available in the market?  

4. Company’s strategy.  Defender or Prospector.

      •  From the perspective of HRM policies, Why does the company selected can be considered as Prospector/ Defender?  base the answer in Figure 1.4 below


  • Company: Google. 
  • Strategic relevance: innovation
  • Strategic relevant employees: thinking out-of-the-box, creative
  • Company’s strategy: Prospector because “Layoffs” are easy and no preferential treatment is applied to the laid-off workers, employees as resource and high level of internal competition.
  • Company: Four Seasons. 
  • Strategic relevance: customer experience
  • Strategic relevant employees: talented, passionated.
  • Company’s strategy: Defender because avoiding “Layoffs” and have continuing concern for terminated employees, each employee is valuable for the organization. 


No grades. Just:
★★★Excellent: Sent in time, following the requirements and including all the content. 
★★Good: Send with the delay 1 day, some requirements or content parts are missing. 
★Pass: Send late, not following requirements or missing the content parts.


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