SPM / Assignment / Strategic Marketing Plan


in groups.

Part 1 – Market analysis. 

  • Step 1. Purpose
    • Background of the current situation and Idea
  • Step 2. Company.
    • Internal Analysis of the company, External Analysis (Macro Environment, Micro Environment), SWOT analysis
  • Step 3. Market
    • • B2B market and B2C market

Part 2 – Marketing Plan Development

  • Step 4. Marketing Strategy
    • • Objectives and Strategic Plan
  • Stage 5. Marketing Mix
    • • Product, Price, Promotion, Place
  • Stage 6. Operational Plan (or Sales Plan)
    • Sales, Human Resources, Team, Flowchart

Part 3 – Implementation and Control

  • Step 7. Monitoring and Controlling

Last part of Assignment – Oral Presentation of Marketing Plan.

Short Example

Part 1-Market Analysis – How to present Example

Full Examples

Stage 1. Purpose

Background of the current situation and Idea

  • 1 slide to present idea

any media format (.jpg, .png, .ppt, .pdf), if video max 30 sec

  1. Presentation of idea

MsWord or PDF  format (.doc .pdf)

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Presenting the idea (problem-solving)
    • New company or  Existing company
  • Justification. Brief market research.

Help Materials

Stage 1. Purpose. Help Materials.  online preview


media Idea .png. It is just example. You can create your own format.

full image here>>>

Infographic Resource: www.canva.com

you can use a database of images for free. However, some of them will have watermarks. It is ok in our educational process. When you download your final result just choose the option “download with watermarks” (not easy to see but exist with a small font).

How to present .doc document. 

Stage 1. Purpose. Example download and edit available 

Stage 2- Company

  • General Company Description
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Values
    • Internal Resources and Capabilities as a part of SWOT table
  • Micro Analysis (O / T)
    • Porter’s 5 Forces as a part of SWOT table
  • Macro Analysis (O / T)
    • PESTLE as a part of SWOT table
  • SWOT 
    • References

Stage 2. Company. Example 

Stage 3 – Markets

  • in groups
  • Format .Doc .PDF or .jpg
  • Assignement content:
    • buying personas (min 3) including B2B and B2C markets
    • future trends and growth (some ideas about how environmental changes may influence your idea and your customers in future)

Stage 3. Markets Example 

Help Materials

Stage 4 – Objectives and Strategic Directions

  • in groups
  • Specify strategic direction. Why is it possible to follow this direction for your company? (base on SWOT analysis)
  • Specify strategic objectives:
    • marketing
    • societal
    • financial.

Stage 4. Example

Stage 4 – Objectives and Strategic Direction – Help Materials >>>

Stage 5 – Marketing Mix

  • in groups
  • Format .doc or .pdf
  • Each part of Marketing mix should starts with it own SMART objectives and include strategies and tactics.
  1.  Product and Brand decisions. Create min 3 different products / options and give them a Brand Name or title
  2. Pricing decisions. Base on the competitors analysis. Explain why? justify you price strategies choice
  3. Promotion. Media channels more suitable for your business
  4. Distribution network. Build a graph including your value creation process, suppliers, distribution channels, logistics. 
  5. Internal Marketing and Customer Service

Help Materials

Sample Marketing Plan

Stage 6 – Operational Plan

Normally includes SMART objectives, daily operations.

Sales Plan

Put specific attention on the part Sales Territory. In this part should be included:

  • International Strategies (entering other then planed primarily territories)
    • Market and Industry Opportunities analysis (Graph)
    • Country risk analysis (Graph)

Example. Sales Plan

In this course – Stage 6 is developing International Sales Plan


Stage 7 – Implementation and Control

  • in groups
  • Implementation. Timeline of your Marketing Mix activities. 
  • Control* metrics (KPI) for measuring each mentioned in plan objectives (for each of 4Pswith responsible people. (Table). How are you going to evaluate the success of your plan implementation?
  • * For developing control metrics you should base on the SMART objectives.

Stage 7 – Control – Help Materials>>>

Stage 7 – Control – Sample>>>

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