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The world of webinar / Students’generated content


1. It’s easy!

Let’s imagine you are browsing the web looking to learn something new, and you come across a webinar title that catches your eye. You hop on the registration page and realize that it will only take you a few quick seconds to fill out your information and submit the form. See, wasn’t that easy? You don’t even have to commit to attending. It’ll get logged into your calendar and you’ll receive a reminder the day of. Once the day comes, you’ll log in and easily be able to listen in from wherever you are. If you get bored, if you have an errand to run, if your phone rings, you can simply close the window and leave.

2. Networking

Speakers usually don’t gain anything, commercially speaking, from sharing their time and knowledge with you. However, you have a lot to gain from them. These influential thought leaders are offering up their time to hand out vital information relevant to whatever topic it is they’re speaking on. It is important for you, as an attendee, to take away as much as possible from the experience. So, if you’re interested in the topic and you enjoyed the presentation, then reach out and ask questions.

3. The lightbulb effect

You may think that attending a webinar is time-consuming, and that’s why most people choose not to attend. But it is important to block out time in your schedule to attend a webinar, and take a few minutes to reflect. There is so much to take away from the experience, including a boat load of new knowledge.


A webinar or online seminar webcast provides a unique and very effective way to bring a plethora of benefits to any type of business. Here are some ways that business can benefit from webinars.

  1. Build a Brand                                    

An excellent webinar can showcase what your business has to offer, educate, develop existing customer relationships and attract new prospects and leads.

  1. Display Expertise                                                                        Businesses need to prove expertise and competence in order to gain the trust of their prospective customers. This is where webinars can be of great service, in not only converting leads into buyers but also to keep those buyers for life. Webinars provide the benefit of having your most expert employees educate and provide value to leads and existing customers.
  2. Power of Visuals In Sale Conversions                                                              

A webinar integrates visual learning perfectly with images, videos, graphics, presentations and more. This can go a long way to swaying a lead, and showing how they can’t live without the product instead of simply telling them. After all, seeing is believing.

  1. Webinars Bring High Converting Leads.                                                    Webinars are very successful tools for marketing in generating new leads that result in higher conversions because they offer the opportunity to attract targeted leads, those potential customers that are most interested in the market you offer and the topic you work.
  2. Webinars as Post Sale Educational Tool.                        Use experts within the company to conduct regular educational or informative webinars for existing customers. Educational can include pertinent information related to the product or service they purchased. And, informative can be anything related to industry trends, innovations or challenges that may exist within a particular industry.
  3. Use Webinars to Increase Online Presence .                        

Valuable content is still the most effective way to drive web traffic to business sites and also improve rankings invaluable search engines, like Google. All webinars you conduct should be posted on your site or blog. Then broaden your reach by using social media to promote those webinars because social media is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful venues, to spread the word about products and services you offer.


Depending on which service the host uses, you may need to download an application first in order to access the webinar. Some hosts also require you to reserve your spot by clicking on a link in an invitation email–especially if the webinar allows a limited number of audience spots.

Many hosts will send out at least one reminder email an hour or a few minutes before the webinar is about to go live. Some hosts will even go as far as to host two webinars of the same presentation to cater to large audiences–especially if they’re from all around the world in different time zones.

When it’s time to tune in, audience members have to “call in” sort of like making a phone call to access the webinar. Audience members are often provided with a custom link or even a password by webinar host in order to get in.  Some hosts will also give their audiences access to a replay of their webinar if they weren’t able to attend the live session.

Webinar Features

Here are just some of the things you can do with a webinar:

  • Display slides: You can display a slideshow presentation using MS PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote, just like you would in a regular classroom, meeting room or lecture hall.
  • Stream video: Show a video either stored on your computer or found online, such as on YouTube.
  • Talk to your audience: Webinars use VoIP to make real-time audio communication possible.
  • Record everything: Webinars often provide an option for the host to record their entire presentation—including all visuals and audio.

Personal Opinion

Join into a webinar is easy and beneficial for the audience, and if you want you can interact with the speaker and get that extra information you were looking for. It is thought that attending a webinar is wasting your time, but in general, a webinar is much better than just searching online for ourselves.

A good webinar can give ideas for making a new business, there are ones that give you advice on how to deal with consumers, can give you advice of earning good positions in your organic search in google, so in general webinars are a good option to take into account when talking about a business, because there is a lot of information of how to do some kind of things that you were not used to.

When tuning into a webinar, you have to be aware that some hosts (the person who does the webinar) may ask for some personal information like your phone number, mail…That’s because he is going to send you a reminder of when the webinar starts. That’s a good way to have some customer data and for customers to not forgetting to enter the webinar.

So, webinars are one of the best options when you are planning to start a business or you have already started a business and would like to get some extra information and not wasting a lot of money and time in the process to getting that information.

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The content was generated by students: Mariana Peña, Kevin Pérez, Genís Ceballos, Antoni Casino, Pau Rueda