Dr. Vera Petrovna Butkouskaya


September 2017


Content of the Topic 2.

2.1. Planning and Performance evaluation. Human resource planning and Job performance evaluation (Workflow analysis, Job analysis, Job description, HRM planning, Job performance evaluation)

2.2. Recruitment and workforce selection (Turnover, Supply and Demand, Hiring process, Selection techniques)

2.3. Interpersonal Relationships and Supporting Functions. Internal communication (Onboarding, Support HRM functions, Organization, Control, Ethics, HRIS, Managing Diversity)

2.4. Motivation and job satisfaction (Basic concepts of motivation, Individual behaviour, Energy channelling in HR, Frustrations )

2.5. HR policies in tourism-related companies.

The VIII CIEU-FUABformació 2017 Award to The most entrepreneurial idea is organized by the Centre for University Entrepreneurship (CIEU), and aimed at FUABformació students, EPSI, ESAGED, and EUTDH, as well as UAB community.  The main objective is to urge the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit at the University.  The Award participation form must be filled out here, and each member of the entrepreneurial team should be registered through the following link (in Spanish), due by December 5th, 2017.