Dr. Vera Petrovna Butkouskaya


Research Proposal


Aim: to present the Research idea and a Project methodology.


1.     Research idea — Brief Literature review:

  • a.  Problem statement — What is a possible practical and research actuality of the topic?
  • b. Research Gap – Justification of the current research gap.
  • c. Research Questions – What is the main question the research is aiming to answer?
  • d.  Expected Contribution – What are the expected theoretical and practical contributions?

2.     Methodology — Brief proposal of the research structure:

  • a.  Research objective
  • b. Research techniques* –  for example, literature review, survey, interview, focus group, content analysis, etc.
  • c. Data collection — how the data will be collected? From primary or secondary sources?
  • d. Sample/respondents — Target research group for data collection.
  • e. Data analysis – how the data will be analysed? Which software will be applied?

The use of existing scientific literature is critical. https://scholar.google.com/