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The environmental group, Greenpeace, throw an emotional and awareness viral video trying to stop the deal between Shell and Lego which was selling its product in petrol stations in 26 different countries in the total value of £68m. Another part of this cooperation was that Lego was producing branded toys of Shell as its partner influencing the youngest generation to acknowledge this company since childhood.


1. It’s easy!

Let’s imagine you are browsing the web looking to learn something new, and you come across a webinar title that catches your eye. You hop on the registration page and realize that it will only take you a few quick seconds to fill out your information and submit the form. See, wasn’t that easy? You don’t even have to commit to attending. It’ll get logged into your calendar and you’ll receive a reminder the day of. Once the day comes, you’ll log in and easily be able to listen in from wherever you are. If you get bored, if you have an errand to run, if your phone rings, you can simply close the window and leave.