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NEWSLETTER vs MAILING / Students-generated content

The newsletter is a bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society or other organizations. This tool sends periodically thru an email stuff about a brand or things that could interest you, you need to sign in previously.

In a way, this system of working seems to be very interesting with a lot of advantages like the personalized information without having to look for it. You can choose the topics that you’re interested in, and when that source publishes something related to that content you are interested in, they will send you these contents to your email. At the same time, you are winning time and space because it doesn’t use up your free time looking for information because the information comes to you. Also, it filters the other contents that aren’t what we are looking for and deletes it. So it allows us to get access from any device, seen as the tool for them to work is using email, so they allow us to save the journey to the market.

All tho it’s not a tool to sell, you can influence the subscribers in an indirect way. Also, it doesn’t need a big economic investment, and it allows small businesses use it as well as the big companies.

We would like to make notice that being a subscriber to this newsletter as a lot more value than being just a follower in the social media.


Another fact is that it’s not all advantages. The majority of businesses don’t respect the space that the subscriber desires and plays against him for the categorization of spam. Also, the lack of filtration for the information we send where all the news appears frequently aren’t of the category indicated.

They can look like two concepts that are the same, the one from Newsletter and mailing but they are very different. (https://www.40defiebre.com/que-es/newsletter/)

The new thing known as mailing is about sending emails to accounts that haven’t subscribed. In this case, the company acquires a lot of data that isn’t from the brand and they can use it to promote their products and services. To compare it with the other kind of content, this one doesn’t send personalized information to the user, it simply sends whatever is the highlight of the day.

Finally, there is a tool called Email-marketing that we could define as the sum of both strategies that we just defined, using their maximum use.

To see more information let’s look at the next video:

The content was generated by students: Gerard Avila, Pablo Abad, Marc Xalabarde, Alvaro de la Fuente