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6 keys for your content to succeed on Instagram – ENG/ Students-generated content

Are you new to Instagram and do you not know where to start? The first step to establishing the strategy that you will follow on this platform is to define your target audience, in other words, what kind of clients you will have to address. Depending on the group of customers, we will offer a different and adapted type of content.

This is how your path to success in social networks begins:

  1. Attractive and good quality images: make sure your posts do not go unnoticed and inspire users. You can also follow a similar format among your publications to create a nice and harmonious feed viewable to your followers.
  2. Use dynamic stories: it is a way to interact with the audience in a more personal and direct way. Through the most commonly known instastories we can offer promotions, show products, link the content to landing pages, etc. It is important to take care of the image of the stories as well as the feed of your profile.
  3. Take advantage of the power of influencers: what opinion leaders say about your brand has a great weight in the opinion of all its followers. That is why hiring an Instagrammer is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach a large number of users.
  4. Do not always publish your products directly: users are more interested in the uses or experiences they can live through the consumption of your product or service. Show events, activities or the values of the company through which your leads could feel identified. A profile full of product photos would bore our visitor. An Instagram profile is not an e-commerce page.
  5. Make a good use of hashtags: tags are used to classify content on various topics, such as raffles, events, sports, etc. They are usually used mostly by companies for advertising campaigns.

6. Sponsor your content: if you follow the steps above and you think you have not reached enough people, you can always pay to appear as an ad between users’ searches. It is not very expensive and you can get a lot more people interested in your company.


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The content was generated by students: Queralt Bartra, Mar Berzal, Julia Erra, Maria Moyano, Inés Sánchez